BEI Exterior Maintenance provides skilled masons to build, repair or replace your stone or brickwork. You can count on a professional, uniform finish to your brick facade or stone wall. Our professional masonry contractors install stone & brick veneer, as well as chimneys, dividing walls, and retaining walls.

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Tuck Pointing

Tuckpointing is the process of repairing the mortar joints in brick or stone walls. Tuckpointing involves removing the old mortar to a fillable depth and replacing it with new mortar. Tuckpointing is labor intensive and varies in price, depending on the scale of the project.

Tuckpointing needs to be done when mortar begins to deteriorate. Over time, mortar becomes porous and chalky and can begin to crumble. If you can scrape powdery residue from the mortar joints with a sharp object, it may be time to tuckpoint your brickwork. Weakened or crumbling mortar allows moisture to get behind the stone or brickwork, causing damage to the surface behind it or the stonework to crumble.

Tuckpointing can save you money. If tuckpointing is done before real damage occurs to the stone or brick wall, it can save you from complete replacement. It is too late to tuckpoint if the stone or bricks are loose.

Brick & Stone Repair

Although a very long lasting material, over time brick structures can weaken and begin to crumble, if they have not been properly maintained. When brick repair is needed, you can trust BEI to neatly and professionally complete the job. When working with townhouses and condominiums, uniformity, craftsmanship & efficiency are critical. We will work with your timeframe and budget to maintain the integrity of the masonry work throughout the complex.

Brick & Stone Replacement

Chimneys, wall structures, veneers, patios, walkways or any other outdoor masonry work is possible with BEI Exterior Maintenance. We work closely with home owners associations and co-ops to make sure updates are done in an identical fashion and on schedule.

Often Brick Replacement is needed when a new window or door is installed.

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