Restoring Brickwork

Masonry restoration is the work that is done to restore your brick and stone work back to its original condition.  BEI Exterior Maintenance has the professional masonry expertise you need to restore brick and stone masonry work around your property.


When your stone or brickwork becomes broken, cracked, or spalled, replacement  of those stones or bricks becomes necessary. When masonry is replaced the affected stone or bricks are removed and replaced. Every attempt is made to match the color and texture of the original masonry being replaced, although some color and texture variations may occur.


Sometimes the best thing to be done for a masonry structure is for it to be taken down and rebuilt using new or salvaged materials. BEI Exterior Maintenance can rebuild walls, chimneys, and more.


Tuckpointing is the process of repairing a mortar joint by removing the old crumbling mortar by chiseling or grinding. Once the old mortar is removed the joint is brushed and rinsed clean before new mortar is applied. The joints are then tooled to match the existing joints on the chimney, wall, or other brick structure being worked on.


Among the techniques involved are cleaning, tuckpointing, rebuilding, brick or stone replacement.
As masonry ages it starts to show the effect of spalling, the crack and crumbling of brick and stone due to the freeze/thaw action of moisture impacting the masonry material. Sealing these damaged areas with caulk is the best way to protect and prolong the life of your brick or stone work.

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