Foundation Repair & Restoration


Many factors can lead to the need for foundation repair. The reason is usually not poor construction but our Minnesota climate and the changes that take place in the soil surrounding the foundation.

The soil beneath our structures expands and contracts due to shifts in the moisture levels as a result of rain, snow, and frost. As the soil shifts, it creates pressure on the foundation of your home or building. This pressure can cause cracks, bowed walls, and settling of your building.

Other things that can damage your foundation include poor drainage or vegetation, such as trees and bushes growing too close to your structure.

Signs of Foundation Problems


  • Cracks in Exterior or Interior Walls
  • Uneven or Sloping Floors
  • Cracks in Floor, Floor Tiles, or Foundation
  • Doors and Windows Won’t Open or Close Properly
  • Spaces Between Wall and Ceiling or Floor
  • Displaced or Cracked Moldings

If you notice any of these foundation repair signs, contact BEI Exterior Maintenance. We have the experience you need to repair the foundation of your structure. With a focus of stopping water intrusion, BEI not only repairs foundation walls, but designs and installs interior, and exterior drain tile systems as well as replacing soils.


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