Soda Blast Cleaning is like a dry power wash. It is used to remove paint or other materials that have been applied or just accumulated over time on brick or stone  leaving them with a clean surface, but not damaging the materials underneath.

This innovative cleaning technology began in 1972 when New York State engineers needed to clean and restore the Statue of Liberty without damaging either the statue or the environment. Conventional methods of the time would have caused harm to both the delicate copper panels of the statue and the surrounding waterways.

BEI Exterior Maintenance uses soda, ground walnut shells, sand, and even glass beads, dependent upon the type of material and cleaning needed. We have the expertise needed to fit the cleaning medium to your specific requirements.

Remove Graffiti or Accumulated Grime Safely with Soda Blast Cleaning

Often used to remove graffiti or paint from concrete walls, soda blast cleaning removes paint, dirt, coatings and other contaminants without causing harmful abrasion to the surface being cleaned.

Clean up is another factor for choosing soda blasting over sand blasting. Many times the soda powder can simply be washed away, because it is safe for public drains and water treatment facilities, not to mention children and pets.