Thermal Imaging Will Detect Heat Loss


Find out where you buildings are leaking valuable heat and air conditioning.

Air leaks through poorly sealed windows and doors, wall vents, attics, and chimneys can lead to heat loses that account for up to 50% of your total energy consumption. While an adequate air exchange is necessary for the health and safety of a those inside your home, most homes have a higher rate of air exchange than needed.

BEI Exterior Maintenance uses Infra-Red Thermal Imaging to take readings of the temperatures  on different surfaces throughout the building. We check the temperature at a number of points on your roof surface, windows, and walls.

The areas where temperature differences are found can tell us if there is a passageway for air to leak in or out of your home. It can also indicate where insulation in your walls or attic may have settled or shifted, or where water damage may  have compromised your building materials.

On buildings with flat roofs, infra-red thermal imaging can help locate where a leak in a flat roof has occurred. This is because a damp or wet area surrounding a leak opening, will retain heat longer as the ambient temperatures cool than the rest of the roof, making it easy to identify where repairs need to be made.

Thermal imaging also allows us to determine which windows or doors need to be replaced due to poor installation, poor sealing, or rotting in the walls around them.

We are also able to see hot spots due to a lack of insulation around plumbing pipes. This can be especially important here in Minnesota, as this can lead to frozen and burst pipes under the right circumstances.

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