A laundry room with a washer and dryer sitting side by side

Having your dryer ducts cleaned is a critical part of maintaining your home or the property you manage. BEI is excited to announce that they are now offering these duct cleaning services.

Why Is Professional Dryer Duct Cleaning Important?

Most people know that cleaning a dryer’s lint trap is important, but not everyone knows that the dryer’s ductwork can also collect debris over time. Failing to have your dryer ducts cleaned can lead to a build-up of this debris; with the heat from the dryer, this can become an extreme fire hazard. When people try to clean their own ductwork, they often accidentally push lint into it, making it even more hazardous. Having a professional come out to perform this service is invaluable for maintaining your dryer’s integrity and keeping your home safe!

Did you know that 3% of house fires are traced back to the ductwork of your dryer?

Many insurance companies have started mandating that homeowners and property owners have their dryer ductwork cleaned every three years. BEI Exterior Maintenance is the professional to call. With over 20 years of experience, they are proud to keep your building both beautiful and safe! When BEI comes, they will remove the lint from your dryer and clean your dryer duct exhaust. They also can clean the air conditioning coils.

For all of your dryer duct cleaning services, contact BEI Exterior Maintenance today!