Entry, Patio & Garage Door Installation

At BEI Exterior Maintenance we work with all types of window and door manufacturers so you are not limited to designs from only one company. The style of your windows and doors can totally change the appearance of your home. Choose the window and door style that best completes the uniform appearance of your association. Our consultants will work with your management or homeowners association to replace old doors with new doors that meet your community’s style and appropriations budget. We will help you determine your best options.

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Like windows, doors come in a variety of materials and styles. The most common exterior door materials are wood, fiberglass composite, and steel and can be a solid slab style or have glass inserts that allow light and visibility from the outside in.

  • Wood – Advantage – Visually appealing. Disadvantage – Upkeep. Wood doors are sensitive to moisture and sun.
  • Fiberglass composite – Advantage – Relatively affordable, durable, almost maintenance-free, foam core can offer more insulation than wood.
  • Steel – Advantage – Strong, doesn’t crack or warp like wood, foam core can have great insulating value. Disadvantage – Can have a shorter lifespan be other door types,and does conduct temperature so may not be the best for our Minnesota cold.

As an experienced contractor, BEI brings a comprehensive approach to your window or door replacement project. We will discuss the impact new doors or windows can have on your home as well as the advantages and disadvantages of the types of materials used.

Door Styles

  • Residential Entry Door
  • Commercial Entry Door
  • Gliding Patio Door
  • Hinged Patio Door
  • French Doors