Professional Commercial Exterior Painters

BEI Exterior Maintenance has professional painters on our staff to take care of all of your exterior painting, exterior and power washing needs.

Exterior Painting

New exterior paint gives your residential or commercial buildings a face lift, increasing their curb appeal. But more than improving its appearance,  a new coat of exterior paint can protect your structure from weather damage and prolong the life of your building’s exterior. Having your siding and trim painted will seal them from the elements.

Having your buildings professionally painted can be a wise decision. From proper preparation of the painting surface to the final brush stroke, the BEI painting team will work to ensure your structure looks its best.

Stain and Seal Decking

Not only do we paint siding and trim, but the BEI painters also stain and seal decking. Over time the stain or sealant on your deck will fade from the combination of exposure to the weather and the traffic that it experiences. When that happens the wood is more likely to splinter, crack, warp, or mildew.

Power Washing

Power washing a building or deck prior to painting, staining, or sealing will provide a clean surface for the new coating to adhere to. It cleans the exterior of your structure of the dirt and pollen that build up on it.

Power washing is not just a preliminary step to exterior paint work. Have BEI Exterior Maintenance freshen the look of your no-maintenance siding by scheduling a power wash for your building today.

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