You can count on BEI Exterior Maintenance when dealing with property damage claims. Our skilled staff can help guide you through the claims process, ensuring a timely, thorough, and satisfactory outcome. We will work with your insurance company’s requirements to get your property back in shape.

Each insurance company has specific guidelines regarding damage to roofs or other structural elements caused by hail, strong winds, snow and ice build-up, water damage or other catastrophic events. As a licensed professional roofing and general contracting firm, we can assess the damage related to the cause and resultant conditions and help you through the entire insurance process.

Our claims specialists can assess the damage and create an evaluation that you, can understand. With a clear plan of action, BEI will restore your building to its original state.

Trying to file an insurance claim for exterior damage to your home? After a December 2014 Minnesota Supreme Court ruling, as a Minnesota homeowner you now have more rights. Find out more by clicking below for the full article.

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