Caulking & Sealing for Energy Efficiency and surface protection


Caulking is a flexible sealing compound used to close gaps preventing water, air, dirt, bugs, and other particulates from entering your building or masonry. It seals your home from cold winter drafts that can result in increased heating costs. It can also keep out moisture, preventing water from rotting the wood framing of your structure.

BEI Exterior Maintenance knows which caulks work best in each area of your home or structure. There are a wide variety of caulking that is available, not just brands, but what those brands are formulated to do. For example, Silicone caulk works great on non-porous surfaces, but does not adhere well to wood surfaces, and it can not be painted. We know what caulking work best with each type of material found on the exterior of your building.


Egress Caulking


Buildings leak air, most commonly around exterior doors and windows, but also through any area that penetrates the exterior shell of your structure.  Even if sealant was applied when the doors and windows were installed, over time that Sealant or caulking will age, losing its elasticity and seal due to the effects of weather and the shifting of the trim, siding, or other materials.

When the old caulking breaks down it is time to have it removed and have BEI Exterior Maintenance replace it with new caulk. Properly sealed windows, doors, and siding will help keep your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, conserving energy and helping you save money on your heating and cooling costs.


Concrete Caulking

BEI Exterior Maintenance caulks gaps and cracks in concrete as well. Cracks and seams in flat concrete and foundations should be caulked as a sealing measure to prevent further damage from moisture intrusion.

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